This is where I'll put dolls that don't fit into any other category.

This was for an artistic vision contest where my doll had to include a certain number of items.
The items I included are:
Sky blue
Geisha makeup
Black lipstick
Blonde hair
Long ponytail
High heels
Asian fan
This was for a challenge on the Glam forum to remake someone else's doll with a slight difference. I was given Aceldama's doll to remake, who is a doller I really admire! I really wanted to do a good job of it. I changed the colour scheme, tweaked the face and made a few alterations to the outfit. I tried to make the wings look like they had a rainbow sheen, like blackbirds.
This was for a spies and assassins collab on TG. My doll is supposed to be a spy... she's in disguise!
This is my 2010 Yearbook doll for TG.
I *think* this was my 2008 yearbook doll.

These are some of my past TG yearbook dolls. I can't actually remember the order I made them in, which shows how little I must have improved! I think the one on the left is newest, and the one on the right oldest.
A self portrait of me with my bunny Pipkin. I discovered I can't draw rabbits... I can't remember where the base was from! If anyone knows please let me know via tagboard or email.
Linking out to this cause it's huuuge! There was a craze for creating giant pixel heads a couple of years ago. This was my attempt. I know the eyes are wonky XD I was proud of the shading when I first made it but now... not so sure. Baseless.

This is my layout doll (you may have noticed). I decided to do a layout inspired by the poem Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe, because I like it and because it kind of matches my username on certain forums XD I quite like the doll though she's rather simple.

Base 1 & 2 : Base 3
The doll on the far left is my very first doll.. ever XD It's pretty awful, even for a first doll, but oh well. The other two are remakes. The original was made in late 2003, the first remake in about 2006, and the second in 2009. I hope there is some improvement  :) It also shows how I've gone from pixel to tool and back again.

This is a doll I made as an avatar for the forum Glam. I had a lot of fun with it and I think it came out ok. I like the curly bits in her hair.