Welcome to 'Dream Within a Dream'

Completely ignore what I said in the last entry about not abandoning the site. It appears I've abandoned it for over a year! Oops. I'll try not to let that happen again (but no promises!). For now, I've uploaded all my most recent dolls (I think).

Wow, I've actually not totally neglected my site *proud* Sooo, since it's been up I've added a few more dolls to the 'Other' section, made a base (shock!) and joined some more forums, whose links are now on the links page. If anyone wants me to link to their site just let me know via email or in the chatbox over theeere ----->


Sooo, this has been down rather a long time.. Sorry! >< From now on I'll try and keep it updated.
It's pretty bare round here for the moment but hopefully I'll get lots of content up soon. :)
The name is probably only temporary. I'm trying to think of a better one but getting kinda stuck so for the moment we're just named after the layout XD